Thursday, January 2, 2014

Though I haven't posted, a lot has happened.  I took Scout to the trainer and left her there.  I had something akin to "buyer's remorse" as I pulled away.  I struggle with entrusting the care of my animals to others.  Paranoid, overprotective, control-freak.  All of those.

Bliss and I (and my Leo Trio) have been at Bri and Clay's since Monday. Bliss experienced a hot walker for the first time, worked cattle, and got a much needed winter bath with heated water.  It was a great week with good friends, dogs, and horses.


The Peanut Gallery: Tango, Journey, Sinch, Venture.

Bri's Shandy and Bliss

Journey, Venture, Tango, Spur and Sinch.  Clay's Patches in the back 

Bliss' derriere.

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